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Topic Department Phone
Anne Marie Ermillio Executive Assistant ext. 1111
Brenda Small Financial Controller ext. 1124
Brother Thomas Osorio, OH Executive Director ext. 1163/1142
Cathleen Scanlon, MSS, CPRP Program Manager of Adult Services, Early Intervention and Here We Grow Learning Center ext. 1112
Christine Evans ADS Admin. Assistant ext. 1110/1107
Cindy Shackelford Therapeutic Recreation ext. 1151/1139
Debranne Quinn Here We Grow Learning Center Supervisor ext. 1184
Dr. Greg Zink ADS Assistant Principal ext. 1173
Dwana White Workforce Program Specialist ext. 1117
Elizabeth Hoopes Human Resources Manager ext. 1109
Hannah Sykes Supervisor ( Early Childhood to Elementary) ext. 1134
Jane Gaudreau Finance Secretary and Child-Study Team Billing ext. 1105
Kate Flynn ADS Principal ext. 1152
Kim Quigley Vocation Rehabilitation Supervisor ext. 1116
Kristine Merckx Volunteer Coordinator ext. 1131
Laurie Harris Site Leader HWG (Westville) ext.1130
Linda Andrews ALPS Lead Supervisor ext. 1118/1314
Linda Powell Food Services Supervisor ext. 1120/1119
Maura Cullen Coordinator of Hospitality & Reception ext. 1110/0
Nancy Mansfield Chief Development Officer (856) 845-7030/ext. 1264
Priscilla Kirby-Auberzinsky Director of Mission and Values ext. 1205
Sandi Akers Adult Services Secratary ext. 1104
Scott Salmonsen ADS Supervisor (Middle to Secondary) ext. 1194
Shannon Reyes Information Services Coordinator ext. 1231
Stacy Shultz Early Intervention and Target Eval. Team Supervisor ext. 1140
Sue Ross Early Intervention Supervisor (Pittsgrove) ext. 2102
Tiffany Blackmon Early Intervention Program Admin. Assistant (Westville) ext. 1160